Building SwitchLok

  • Kickstarter to Indiegogo FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions about SwitchLok's migration from Kickstarter to Indiegogo.
  • Why I'm Launching on Kickstarter and How it Works

    Making things requires that you spend a whole bunch of money before you make any money back. Crowdfunding significantly reduces the amount of cash you need up front.
  • Top 5+ Urban Trail Runs Around Seattle

    We set out to find the top URBAN trails for running in the greater Seattle area (my hometown, natch). Find out what they are!
  • 'Sweating' the Details - The SwitchLok Armband

    I wanted an armband that just disappears: it is so comfortable you forget it's on.
  • 'The Deep End' or 'Learning as You Go'

    When I set out to write this blog post, it was supposed to be something short. Along the lines of "The blog is now called 'Building SwitchLok' beca...

    Beefcake: What happens when you engineer something to be stronger and it goes a little too well.
  • Welcome to Vektor - The Beginning

    We're starting from the beginning. Learn about the very first prototypes that spawned an Empire! Ok, we're not anything like an empire, but we have come a long way.