Kickstarter to Indiegogo FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What has changed from the Kickstarter campaign? A few big things. One, we are supporting tons more phone by way of an adapter that sticks on most any case. Two, we will be shipping in June, rather than August and three, we have some lower priced options. To make all of that happen, we have delayed production of the bike mount, iPhone XR case and iPhone 7/8 case.
  • Do I need to cancel my pledge on Kickstarter? Will I still be charged? No. You will not be charged and no action is needed on your part. I will cancel the campaign before it ends so no money will change hands.
  • Will my pledge 'transfer' to Indiegogo or do I need to pledge again? You will need to go to the Indiegogo website or mobile app and pledge/back SwitchLok as soon as I open it up for preorders. This is the link: (same as the big pink button above).
  • Will this push back the date when receive SwitchLok? Nope. It's actually accelerating the whole process. I have already started the manufacturing process so that I can start shipping in June, rather than August.
  • Will I still be able to get the same deal that I got on Kickstarter? Most likely. About 90% of you will see a reduction in your price.
  • Will the new adapter fit my phone? The adapter needs a phone case with 2.5 in x 2.5 in of space on the back. The iPhone 7/8 is about the smallest phone that will work but it will depend on the case as well. Also, silicone cases will probably not work as nothing sticks that well to silicone.
  • I have friends that would like this. How can I easily tell them? The best way to do this will be to forward them the email I send you on Tuesday morning to tell you pre-orders are open on Indiegogo. This will allow them to click through and learn more or buy. Adding a personal note will always help!
  • What happened to the bike mount, iPhone XR case and iPhone 7/8 case? We decided to push back production of those products a bit. That allowed us to start production earlier and get you everything else much sooner. They are still ready to manufacture when we decide to move forward.