SwitchLok Case Adapter Support

This page provides information about, and shows you how to install the SwitchLok Adapter.

Update: We have had a report from a user that a magnet became partially dislodged during installation (removal of the adhesive backing). The solution to this problem is (1) using the backing paper, push the magnet back into place and (2) peel carefully and slowly, especially around the magnets. We are still researching the issue so that we can make any design updates required but it will not affect the functionality of the product, only the installation.

Installation Instructions

1. Ensure that the back of your case meets the following requirements. 

  • Has 2.5 x 2.5 in (63 x 63 mm) of flat space in the center
  • Is made of a stiff plastic (such as ABS or polycarbonate/Lexan) or metal
  • Does not have a 'soft touch' coating or anything else that covers the plastic
If you are not sure if your case meets the requirements or don't have a case, you can order one from the preferred case list. We have options for the most common phones and are adding more all the time.

    2. Install the phone into the case and place the phone face down on a soft towel.

    3. Using the supplied alcohol pad, wipe the back of the case clean and let the residue evaporate completely.

    4. Peel the backing from the SwitchLok adapter and carefully align it in the center of the phone case. The adhesive is permanent--you will not be able to remove and recenter if installed incorrectly.

    5. Press firmly over the entire surface of the adapter.