SwitchLok Case Support

This page provides information about, and shows you how to use the SwitchLok Adapter.

Installation Instructions

1. Ensure your phone is free of dirt or dust. Debris on the phone could lead to scratches if installed in the case

2. Optional Lanyard Installation

  • Thread the thin end of the lanyard through the bottom lanyard hole and then back out through the top lanyard hole.
  • Pull until you can form a loop out of the thin portion and thread the thick, paracord end through the loop you just created.
  • Pull the thick paracord entirely through the loop until the thin portion is tightly looped around the lnayrd holes in the case

    3. Starting with the left side of the phone (the one with the volume buttons), slide the phone into the case. Press down gently but firmly on the remaining exposed corners until they snap into place

    4. To remove the phone from the case, reverse the steps above. Start by placing your pointer finger of each hand behind corners of the phone and pushing down on the front corner of the phone until the case pops off.